Preserving Human Creation

Preserving Human Creation

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Melding art, technology, and story telling.

Our Team

CEO, Founder, and Lead Artist

Creator and visionary behind the Moonizen Universe. Anthony's creations hold meaning and significance in the the Moonizens story. His creative genius guides our artistic endeavors, ensuring that every piece of Moonizen art is a masterpiece in its own right.

Co-Founder, CTO, and Creative Engineer

Leet brings decades of experience in computer technology and Cybersecurity to the forefront of Moonizen Studios. His expertise in communicating complex technical designs in easy to understand concepts, delivers seamless and engaging experiences.

Ops. & Development / Marketing/ and Lore

Our team builds with a purpose. Whether it be custom contract integration, operational protocols, or breathing life into our multiverse with rich lore and captivating artwork.

Our Designs

Our art and asset development is continuous.

We are established

Moonizen Studios, Inc. is a registered LLC, based out of Delaware, USA.

We own our IP

Moonizen Studios holds IP rights to Moonizens and Moonizen Studios.

We are building

We are continuously developing and crating both in house and for clients.

We are the parent company of is where our NFT collection is stationed.  Over there you can mint a Moonizen Gensis NFT, Download exclusive holder content, learn about the collection in our whitepaper, and soon it will have a portal dashboard integrated.

Artist's Bill of Rights

At Moonizen Studios, we are unwavering advocates for the incredible talent and creativity of our artists.

Right to Fair Pay:

We ensure artists receive compensation that reflects their skill level and contributions.
Payment structures will be clear, and payments will be timely.

Creative Independence:

We honor artists’ rights to creative autonomy, offering a supportive environment that nurtures your craft and vision.

Respectful Work Environment:

Artists should experience a workspace free from any form of abuse or discrimination.
We enforce a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination ensuring that all artists work in a respectful and secure environment.

Claim to Intellectual Assets:

Ownership of works created during employment rests with the artist unless an agreement states otherwise.

Clear Dialogue:

We prioritize clear communication, offering regular updates and opportunities for feedback on projects and deadlines.

Ethical Business Operations:

Artists have the right to work with a studio that upholds ethical business practices, including transparent financial reporting,
responsible use of resources, and ensuring fair treatment for all involved.

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