Preserving Human Creation

Preserving Human Creation

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What is a Moonizen in the NFT?

The term “Moonizen” carries with it a profound narrative, a permanent fusion of humanity and an alien race known as the Chuid on the moon.

Moonizens are the result of a fusion between humans and the liquid metal aliens, the Chuid. This fusion takes place on the Moon, within our own Sol system, through a process known as “Mymbocar.” In the Chuid myth, this process represents a permanent merging of the two species, a far cry from the Chuid’s typical practice of “Symbocar,” a temporary merging to share knowledge and experiences.

The result of this profound and permanent merging is the birth of a Moonizen, a character with a unique blend of human and Chuid attributes. The very first Moonizen to emerge was none other than Liam Murphy, a 73-year-old hero well-known to humanity.

Within the Mooniverse, Moonizens take center stage as original characters, each one representing a distinct result of the fusion process. Moonizen NFTs aren’t just collectibles; they’re characters with a role to play in a story that unfolds with every narrative decision.

Each Moonizen character in your NFT collection starts off as a blank canvas waiting for their destiny to be shaped by the story. Whether they embark on virtuous paths or venture into murkier waters, those decisions your character makes, become an integral part of the history and the status ingrained within your collectible Moonizen Character.

The Unfolding Tale

As the story within the Mooniverse progresses, new Moonizens will emerge, with a limited number of 1000 Moonizens available to make their appearance. However, not all Moonizens are created equal, and only those deemed worthy will rise to the ranks of main characters. Their roles become pivotal in shaping the narrative.

In the ever-evolving and unpredictable story of the Mooniverse, not all Moonizens are guaranteed to reach the story’s conclusion. Each character’s journey is fraught with twists and turns, and their fate remains uncertain until the story’s final chapter.

So, what is a Moonizen in Moonizen Studio’s NFT collection? They are more than collectibles; they are characters tied to fate in a tale that will continue to unfold, one book at a time. Welcome to the world of Moonizens, where you shape the destiny of these unique beings in a narrative filled with excitement, mystery, and the unknown.

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