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Preserving Human Creation

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Moonizen Studios: Twitch Livestream Unreal Engine Asset Playtest

The Twitch Livestream served as a test for the Moonizen Skin in a controlled gaming environment.

The team meticulously prepared for this event, aiming to demonstrate the skin’s capabilities and its seamless integration with the Unreal Engine. One of the standout outcomes of the Twitch Livestream was the flawless performance of the Moonizen Skin. Throughout over 30 minutes of gameplay, the skin exhibited exceptional stability and versatility. It proved its mettle under real-world gaming conditions, much to the delight of the audience..

A showcase the full proof of concept of their 3D art expansions. It was not merely a test; it was a comprehensive demonstration of the potential and capabilities of Moonizen Skin. The event gave viewers a tangible taste of the artistic ingenuity and technical prowess that Moonizen Studio brings to the realm of 3D art.

The Twitch Livestream event is just a teaser of what lies ahead. Viewers and enthusiasts can expect more exciting developments, innovations, and showcases from this dynamic studio in the near future.

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