Preserving Human Creation

Preserving Human Creation

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Moonizen: Genesis White Paper

Moonizen Studio takes you on an extraordinary journey into the world of NFTs with their captivating Moonizens NFT Genesis Collection.

This white paper is your guide to the genesis of a vibrant universe filled with intriguing characters, lore, and opportunities. Let’s explore the key aspects of this groundbreaking NFT collection.

Each Moonizen in this collection is a hand-drawn, semi-alien creature with a wide array of distinctive features. These include different heads, bodies, backgrounds, symbols, and accessories. Moonizens are designed to be both collectible and functional, offering owners access to an array of unique benefits within the Moonizens Universe.

Benefits of Moonizens

  • Early Access: Owners gain early access to new products and services within the Moonizens Universe.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions on a variety of Moonizens offerings.
  • Limited Editions: Access to limited edition physical and digital products adds a touch of exclusivity to your collection.
  • Exclusive Downloadables: Exclusive digital content is available to enhance your Moonizens experience.

Moonizens Genesis: Where the Journey Begins

Moonizens aren’t just collectibles; they play a vital role in the narrative of the Moonizen Universe. As ambassadors bridging the gap between Chuids and Humanity, Moonizens bring unique abilities and attributes to both species. However, there’s a catch – only 1000 Moonizens are available, making them rare and valuable characters within this universe.

The creator, artist, and CEO behind Moonizen Studios is a visionary who combines a passion for art with a keen eye for advanced technologies. The Moonizens are the embodiment of futuristic and diverse creatures, representing fluidity and a unique art experience. This project emerged from a fascination with blockchain technology and the collaboration with the brilliant Leet.

The Moonizens Genesis NFTs live on the Polygon blockchain. This choice is driven by several factors, including low transaction fees, interoperability, transaction speed, gamer adoption, security, compatibility, and scalability. This versatile multiverse will encompass various collections on different blockchains, with Polygon serving as the debut blockchain for Moonizens.

Moonizens Lore: A World of Endless Possibilities

At the core of the Moonizens experience is the lore, which opens up a vast multiverse brimming with creative potential. By embracing this lore, creators, collectors, and sci-fi enthusiasts can join a vibrant community. Together, they forge new frontiers and expand the realms of possibility.


Quadrocar Status: A Game-Changer

Quadrocar status plays a significant role in the Moonizen lore. A Quadrocar Fireteam comprises four distinct Moonizen classes: Ensign, Legionnaire, Savant, and Reaper. Holders of Quadrocar status are entitled to a range of perks, including exclusive NFTs, physical goods, discounts, a special Discord role, exclusive events, and access to beta testing. However, Quadrocar status is both unique and challenging to attain, with only 62 opportunities available within the Moonizen: Genesis NFT collection.


With Moonizens, you’re not just collecting NFTs; you’re becoming a part of an ever-evolving narrative where art, technology, and imagination converge in harmony. The Moonizens Universe awaits your presence, your ideas, and your stories. Dive in and be a part of something extraordinary.

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