Preserving Human Creation

Preserving Human Creation

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Artist's Bill of rights

Right to Fair Pay:

We ensure artists receive compensation that reflects their skill level and contributions.
Payment structures will be clear, and payments will be timely.

Creative Independence:

We honor artists’ rights to creative autonomy, offering a supportive environment that nurtures your craft and vision.

Respectful Work Environment:

Artists should experience a workspace free from any form of abuse or discrimination.
We enforce a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination ensuring that all artists work in a respectful and secure environment.

Claim to Intellectual Assets:

Ownership of works created during employment rests with the artist unless an agreement states otherwise.

Clear Dialogue:

We prioritize clear communication, offering regular updates and opportunities for feedback on projects and deadlines.

Ethical Business Operations:

Artists have the right to work with a studio that upholds ethical business practices, including transparent financial reporting,
responsible use of resources, and ensuring fair treatment for all involved.

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